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Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast, Organically!

Bright Spark Media is a video production company that specializes in organic YouTube channel growth for businesses.

We help companies harness the power of YouTube to reach their target audience in a way that is genuine, builds trust and brand loyalty and leads to conversions of their chosen call-to-action.

Why You SHOULD Be Harnessing YouTube For Lead Generation and Sales
Reuben Hawkins, Director of BSM

Reuben Hawkins - Director

Growing a YouTube channel fast from 0 subscribers to becoming a pillar of inbound leads and sales for your company can feel daunting.

But there's a right way how to start a YouTube channel in 2022 that will separate you from the noise and do more than simply bring in leads for your company.


Here are just a few of the benefits you could see from strategically posting content that resonates with your target audience:

Enhance your online presence

Rank for the keywords your audience are searching

Build brand loyalty

Become known as the experts in your field

Keep existing customers updated with company news and products

Each of these is an important benefit that comes from consistent, targetted posting of high quality content on YouTube.

YouTube separates itself from other social media platforms because the content you post has much greater longevity - make sure you are putting your best image forward.

If you aren't on the platform then your customers are finding your competitors who are!

Identify target audience for social media strategy


Create video production content catered to your audience


Use SEO across social media channels


Consistently post content to all social media marketing channels


Allow time for your social media channels to grow






Schedule a call with us and we will create a custom avatar who content will be catered to, including hashtags and search terms to target

Leave it to us! We create quality content with a strong call to action so you not only look good, but your content converts!

We use the latest tools to publish your content across your channels, with SEO specific to your audience

One of the biggest keys to online success is consistency! Choose your posting frequency and make sure to stick to it

If you've followed the previous steps well then simply allow some time and results will follow! KPIs will be tracked and reported

Video production for YouTube
Video production for Instagram Business
Video production for Facebook business
Video production for LinkedIn business
Video production for Google
Video production for Google My Business
Video production for TikTok
Video production for Twitter business
Follow the process across all applicable social platforms and:
  • Grow your YouTube channel fast

  • Gain followers on Instagram

  • Rank higher on Google

  • Get more Facebook Likes

  • Get more Twitter Followers

  • Grow your TikTok Followers

  • Grow your LinkedIn network

  • Increase your business' online presence and influence Logo
See the results that can be achieved by following
this process in our Case Study
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